Rippin’ E Brakes new album Old Timer no. 1 - review

Review: Rippin’ E Brakes new album Old Timer no. 1
by Bullshit Bart

Old Timer no. 1 is the first in a series of four ‘Old Timer’ albums by the Rippin’ E Brakes. The album was recorded live by Jerry Richardson (Beechwood) in his Liberty Hill Farm living room. I spent a long time listening to these five-pop savvy, Country-Eastern Rock n’ Roll songs and they totally and completely became glued into my head. I love the lyrics and Stones style back up singing. I got down with the guitar shredding, the wicked bass lines and totally on-point drumming. Then I actually started hating on the E Brakes for only putting 5 songs on the album….but it was the good kind of hate I suppose. I want Old Timer no. 2 already!

The Rippin’ E Brakes perform all over New England. They’ve got some sharp chops and it’s paid off in the studio. But this doesn’t seem to be a band that has much interest in sounding studio polished. Their whole sound is garage rock raw and real. Maybe that’s a result of recording together live. Maybe the cosmos got these four dudes together for the sake of Rock n’ Roll. All I know is these songs sound familiar to me but totally unique all at once. They were written by a band somewhere in the woods of New Hampshire and I really like that. They paid homage to the Old Man on the Mountain in ‘Wicked Bummer when the Old Man fell’ and I love that. This band isn’t trying to recreate the wheel, they’re trying to add a little piece to the Rock n’ Roll puzzle. They’re getting there.

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Bullshit Bart (USA)

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