Seth Wonkka- 7 Questions

Seth Wonkka- 7 Questions

Seth Wonkka- what can we say about the guy that you have not already read about under a Snapple cap. He has amazing music to court ladies by, cool glasses and sings like the breath of an angel. He is playing at True Brew in Concord this coming weekend so we thought it would be a good idea to sit down with him, ask him a few questions and show him this new coin magic trick we learned. He was a blast to chat with and his interview is below- he was however not impressed with our coin trick- IT WAS BEHIND HIS EAR!!!!

7. What makes your sleeve tattoos so cool?

Seth Wonkka: Since tattoo sleeves are so common that they are almost uncool now... mine are the coolest because they are all faded and blurred from being 12 years old and poorly protected from the sun over the years. They are the best because I got them before John Mayer got his sleeve, Justin Bieber was only 7, and country music was hated by all people under 25 years old. In all seriousness, I've seen much brighter, modern, beautiful tattoos but mine are mine so I love'em.

6. Who is your favorite Chipmunk- Alvin, Simon or Theodore?

Seth Wonkka: I'm so not a Chipmunks fan.... but real ones are ridiculously cute!

5. What is your favorite venue to play a show?

Seth Wonkka: My favorite venue to play is a venue where people are listening and there isn't a Red Sox, Bruins or Celtics game on the big screen directly to the left of the stage. Boy... that sounded angry.... I love playing outside.. City Hall Plaza in Boston was probably my favorite as it was a perfect fall day with a great breeze on a great stage... Of course True Brew is one of my favorite indoor venues as they have always been great to me/us and the people of Concord really make it a joy to come back over and over again!

4. What local band (other than yours) should people be listening to?

Seth Wonkka: The Four Legged Faithful really interested me at the End of Summer Fest put on by Rocking Horse Studios... I think they are fun and talented and hope to see them again soon.

3. If you could only bring any one CD on a 24 hour car trip- What CD do you bring?

Seth Wonkka:If I could only bring one CD with me on a 24 hour road trip it would, without a question, be Eilen Jewell's cd Queen of the Minor Key... Her voice mesmerizes me. I could literally listen to her song Santa Fe on constant repeat for the whole 24 hour period... It is my favorite song of all times... You should all buy this CD and check her out live if you have a chance.

2. Are you sick of having people ask you if you know Willy?

Seth Wonkka:Well the Willy Wonka reference sure makes my name easy to remember... Fortunately (due to some Finnish ancestors), I have that extra K in there to set me free from endless, ridicule:) Honestly, I'm a huge candy freak... especially the Wonka stuff like Nerds, Laffy Taffy, etc etc... so the name is fitting. If only Wonka made Sour Patch Kids....... my ultimate weakness.

1. Who or what has been the biggest influence on your music?

Seth Wonkka:So here it goes.. I'm trying to be fun and honest with these so pardon the cheesiness here.. because.. well, its the truth. Life has been the only influence on my music.... I write songs about things that I see, have experienced, feel, want to feel.... It is the people I meet, nights I've spent alone or with others, long drives with my mind racing... Fortunately for me, it seems we all have similar feelings at times so people tend to relate to the songs I write. I just try to be honest and simple... I don't want to write deep metaphoric poetry that people need to re-read, and analyze... In a song you have 3-4 minutes.. if the night was beautiful and her presence was the only thing I needed at the time.. that's what I write.. No need to beat around the bush.

Anything to say in closing?

Seth Wonkka: I hope to see you all at True Brew Barista on November 16th. You all need to hear my duo partner and friend Lydia Lyon.. Her musical passion and soul will blow you all away. Can't wait to share the stage with Chris and Kate Peters. Look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones as well!

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