How To Overcome Stage Fright

How To Overcome Stage Fright

You have a band and you have your first show or maybe you have been performing out for a few years or maybe fear is keeping you from performing at all. You get nervous before every show… Terrified… freaked out. Stage fright can derail even the best musician from being able to put on a good show. With a few tips you should be able to get over that fright and give the performance of a life time.

Practice makes perfect right? In the case of stage fright; practice can help get over the first hurdle. Nervousness is destroyed by confidence. Confidence is developed through practice. Practice until you are quite good and you will have nothing to be nervous about. The first part of stage fright is the fear that you are not prepared. If you are prepared then you are one step closer to not having stage fright.

Don't rely on the audience's reaction to motivate you. If you need positive response from the audience you will crumble as a performer. You should be performing because you enjoy performing all on its own. The audience might not respond to you. This is ok. It does not mean you are doing a bad show. It means they are not responding yet. Keep going, keep pushing, and eventually they will turn to your side. Fearing that they will hate you serves no one, so forget about it.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. Your crowd will not notice you messed up. They are not that smart, they don’t know your songs and exactly what you “meant” to play. Don't overestimate your crowd, most of the people won't really notice your mistakes 99% of the time.

Fake it. If you don’t have confidence or don’t think you are a good performer, just fake it. If you act like you are not nervous and pretend you are ok, you will eventually be confident. If you convince yourself that you are going to be nervous, you will be nervous. If you convince yourself that you will be fine, you will.

I promise you, every performer get nervous. Every performer has had or is still dealing with stage fright. When all else fails…. Tequila.

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