Sturdy Moss-review

Sturdy Moss-review

Sturdy Moss is a blues-rock-jam band from southern NH/ Northern Mass. We'll start off with the bad, the first track, “Crimson”, is the worst track on the album. It appears to be an attempt to be a Santana like instrumental jam, but it never gets off the ground until the last 10 seconds. Who knows, maybe after listening to the song 1000 times, it would start sounding great? I will never know, and I ok with that.

The rest of the album is awesome. The vocals are not clean but dirty and it matches the music perfectly. At some points I can almost hear Van Morrison singing, especially at the end of “Fascination Jackson”. The guitar tone is a mix between Santana, southern rock and Phish. If you hate jam blues bands, you will hate this band. However, the solos of are not directionless. A lot of jam bands feel that solos don’t have to go anywhere and can be musical masturbation. Sturdy Moss understands that you can’t just play notes and you have to take the music someplace.

The music of Study Moss truly lights up the speakers on my stereo. I am sure they are even a more powerful live band and I look forward to catching them live sometime soon.

Sturdy Moss Members- Mike Freeman, Darin Leeman, Bill Hooper, Dan Iannotti, Doc Tourville

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