This past Saturday I was a guest out at Rocking Horse Studio for a private listening of Anna Madsen’s new record “Whisper.” I was extremely excited to hear the album and may have shown up a few minutes early because I was all antsy with anticipation. I was greeted outside by Anna and had a nice chat about the cold weather, Pat Gochez’s hair and her recent show in Concord. We made our way into the studio and I was warmly greeted by the talented Brian Coombes. Brian has a beautiful studio, it is like an art piece of music perfection. Each wall is stacked with different keyboards, instruments and there are pianos all over the place. We got caught up with what has happened in our lives since we had seen each other last and then get down to business… the music.

Green Bastard has their debut LP, ‘Pyre’ due out November 16 on Midnight Werewolf records on cassette and download.This band is from Dover and sent us an advanced copy to take a look at... or listen to, not look at. It might only be 3 songs but it clocks in at an hour in length.

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Wedding Camp is a very new new new punk rock band from New Hampshire. Songs are short and simplistic and lo-fi. Is that a bad thing? No, no no its not, makes it great. No solos, a chunk punk guitar with punk drumming. This is a new band. You can hear the newness in the tracks but what you also hear is potential. I would love to hear this band live in 6 months. They have potential to take music, mash it in a pulp, spoon into your brain and slap you mad with happiness and senseless with sound. I think the energy of the punk would hit you in the teeth and make you beg for more.

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The Grebes from Concord NH have a new EP, Darkdays // Winternights, that will be dropping very soon. Look for it to be released digitally in the next few days and then hard copies in a few weeks. If you like Belle and Sebastian, if you like Mumford and Sons before they sucked, if you like Violent Femmes, if you like The 123’s, if you like My First Morning Coffee Break(ok I made up that band)… then you will love this new EP put forth by The Grebes. It is an excellent collection of four well defined tunes.

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WellfleetWellfleet is a five piece band from the seacoast of New Hampshire. A five piece? I know what you are thinking; I thought they were a two piece, much like the bathing suit I wear on the seacoast beaches. NOOO- They were once a two member band but now they have five. Five guys. Like the burgers, but with less heart attack inducing options.
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Trade- New Local Band

Trade is a new band from Concord NH. They are sort of a funk, Soul, rhythm and blues band. The group has probably one of best bass and drum combinations in NH. Chris Noyes of “Dusty Gray” fame plays the bass and George Laliotis of “Cool Ass Mo Fo” bangs things. They each hold down the groove, giving the horns and vocals a chance to shine on. Laliotis also takes on the singing duties. His duties are massive. Mostly because he eats a lot of fiber, but also because the songs Trade tackle put his vocals to the test. He passes the test and gets 5 points extra credit for playing disc golf. The horns are sultry and smooth. They bring a level of class to the band that is missing from a lot of acts around town. If you didn't catch them at Market Days, or Camp N Jam make sure you do- Go out- see Trade- be blown away.

Meaghan Casey: "You Can't Bring Yourself To Throw Her Out"

Jen Whitmore- review

Jen Whitmore is a solo acoustic musician from Manchester NH. We have been seeing her name all around town so we listened to her latest EP ‘Rattled’. Her voice is miraculous, being vociferously marvelous and meticulous voiced. Sometimes Aretha can hear her coming covered in Diana while Ani punching you in the throat. Her musical islands of vocal prowess are surrounded by guitar infested waters that make you not wanting to leave the comfort of her songs. Strictly guitar and vocals here while you may hear a few additions to the background. An exceptional album by a fantastic artist. Check out Jen Whitmore; do it now.

Pleasure Gap-Review

Pleasure Gap has a new album, Scatter, available for purchase and streaming on their Bandcamp page. The songs are like drifting down the river in a pair of awkwardly modified cut offs. Stutterly falling down the waterway as a chorus of angry men berate your mind with lyrics, lines, knives and melodies from the dark places that devils hide. Seemingly disjointed without a road-map to get you home but somehow you arrive with a great story to share.

There are times in a music reviewer’s life when they have to make a decision. Are they going to make a bold statement at the risk of alienating a large audience of readers, or, play it safe? Well, I never play it safe. I run with scissors, I eat dessert when I didn’t clean my plate, I swim with total disregard to that hour rule, I do not follow the garment washing instructions on clothing tags, and tell you when an album is perfect.

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