Durg is a singer-songwriter from Vermont. His debut album was recorded in a studio right around the corner from where I live and features a lot of local power. Pat, George and Brenden. Around these parts I don’t even have to tell you their last names. Right? do I? No I don’t So I was excited to hear Durg’s debut album “One Chance.”

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David Corson- Review

David Corson from Exeter, NH recently released an album ‘Tabula Rasa’ and you can download it for free. Yes free. So, why not check it out. Seriously. Just do it. Support local music. I did and wrote a review about it. I am awesome.

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Anna Madsen -Review

Anna Madsen has been locked up up at Rocking Horse Studio for the past few months working on her EP ‘Epitaph’. The album is coming out October 8th but the single from the album, ‘Palm Reader’ came out today. If the album is only half as good as the single, we are in for a treat. Lush landscapes of sound, violins and a haunting vocal track. We look forward to hearing the full album.

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Angry Octopus- Review

I have had a few close personal friends tell me I had to check out this band, Angry Octopus. I really don’t want to though. I like happy squid and I feel that perpetuating a society of angry octopi simply does a disservice to all the cephalopod mollusks. In fact I have totally refused to listen to this band until now. Happy octopuses be damned. This is the review now printed in ink.

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The Greenlights broke up. Or did they? Well if they did or did not or will or will not one thing is fact; They recorded an album at Rocking Horse Studio. They most definitely recorded an album. A member of the band definitely snuck me an advanced copy and they definitely are releasing it next month! It definitely is called “Bright Day” It also definitely defiantly defiles and defines while destructing and deconstructing rock n roll and hard n bold.

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Sea King- Review

Sea King- My Own Private Cave (Nomadic Behavior Records)

Jake Newcomb released his followup to last year’s Prisoner’s Dilemma during late summer in Portland, Oregon, but every time I listen to it, I’m reminded of mid-winter in Portland, Maine. Seeing as I live there, that’s only natural, I suppose. Still, I’m impressed that Newcomb can create songs about hyper-specific moments in his life that make me feel like they’re about my own. That’s exactly what he did with My Own Private Cave, his second full-length cassette as Sea King.
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Picniclunch are a punk band from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Although punk is probably the wrong word for this stuff. It is beyond punk. Structure is tossed out the window in favor of emotion and heart. You sometimes get the feeling you are listening to The Fall other times you swear it is Fugazi. If you are looking for a soothing trip towards a field of pansies and daisies, don’t listen to this band. Picniclunch delivers jazz that has been infused with punk or punk that has been infused with liver and onions.

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Jake McKelvie & The Countertops-Review

Have you ever licked a unicorn? Have you ever swam with rainbows? Have you ever sneezed glitter? Have you ever had a llama tell you it loves your hairstyle? If you answered yes to one of these questions, please seek medical attention. If you answered yes to all of these questions; then you have been listening to our podcasts and have heard a tune by Jake McKelvie & the Countertops. We have been playing them frequently over the past few weeks. The band is mammothly tremendous.

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Couch Guitar Straps- Umm- They are like amazing and stuff

couch guitar strap 1970's VWTalking about guitar straps are boring as pulling out your toes. Not the nails... the full toe. I mean, guitar straps just don’t mean anything to me. I bought a strap when I first started playing guitar and I pretty much just always have used that one since. Boring. That is how I drifted through the seas of guitar strapdom until I came across Couch Guitar Straps. They basically made me realize that I had been not giving enough credit to the piece of fabric tossed over my shoulder supporting my guitar and it was time to stake a moment and address that. here to continue reading

Krysta Youngs- Review

Krysta Youngs

Almost 5 years ago we reviewed an album by Krysta Youngs. We basically said it was “All that is wrong with music today and… she should put on a sweater.” We may have been a little harsh but at the time we felt that overproduced pieces of crap pop songs had no redeeming qualities and were not worth the time it took to listen to it. In fact, in the past we have compared things like Britney Spears to getting an ear enema (although there is quite a debatable on if an ear enema would feel good or not). Anyways, like a baby, we don’t think we gave Krysta a fair shake. So we were excited when the video for her new single and EP arrived at our doorstep.

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