Mike Morris- Review

Mike Morris- Review

Mike Morris released an album, Raise You Up, about a year ago. I received a copy of this album and instantly started listening to it so I could compose a review. Then I kept listening and listened some more. I needed words to describe the album but the correct words were escaping my brain. I set my thoughts away from writing the review and simply listened to the record. Days turned to weeks, and as they do, weeks turned to months. Seasons changed and time marched on. The album I was still listening to, still waiting to review. Then it happened. No, the words didn’t come. What happened was I realized I had taken so much time that it was now time to write the review without the perfect words.

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Hunter- Review

Hunter Review

hunter stamas, new hampshire Local bandHunter is the name of the band as well as the first name of its lead singer, Hunter Stamas. The band released its first full length album this past weekend to a sold out crowd at Fody’s in Nashua NH. The band recently opened for Guster and is riding on the winds of a very successful summer.

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Christa Renee Band -review

Christa Renee Band are a reggae funk band from Manchester NH. They released an album back in April Called “New Life”. It came across my desk for a review. I really want to like it. I love this band. I have seen this band live and they are fantastic. So, I seriously want to love this album. I think this band is tremendous live. Have I said that enough? I love them. They have a party feel and I always find myself dancing and twirling in the middle of the dance floor.

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Groovechild - Review - new album coming

Over 20 years ago something incredible happened. A local band in New Hampshire called Groovechild released an album and it was magic. It sold 60,000 copies. That is unheard of. Incredible. Every review and every story about this band since then references this fact and I feel that I must mention it here. They almost did it. We hear this time and time again. Almost man, close but not close enough. A documentary of the NH seacoast music scene highlights the band’s journey in the 90’s. They almost made it big. Almost. They…. didn’t… quite…. do it.

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Art Thief- Review

Art Thief

Art Thief is a post alternative industrial art pop band from Vancouver BC. A mixing bowl of samples intelligently thrust together in a haphazardly perfect style. Passionate vocals that that bleed into your brain to take up residency asking you to listen again. Sometimes you think you hear Pink Floyd and other times you hear Manson. Neither is there. This is more enjoyment than others that came before. Perfect guys- just perfect.

Lion, Meet Lizard

Netherlands is where "Lion, Meet lizard" hail from .Their music is mostly instrumental and could be simply described as electronic and complexly described as peanut butter cob salad. When vocals appear they are digitized and robotized and chill your body. The music arrangements are very think and fill the stereo spectrum. Electronic music to relax to and feal. The flow and building of noise to music keeps your brain bouncing from beat to melody. Fantastically crafted. Fanatically loved.

The Grebes- Review

The Grebes- review

The Grebes are a folk, Americana, cow punk, alt country band from Concord NH. You may not have heard of them yet but you will be hearing about them… like right now. I am telling you right now. You have heard of them. Go listen to this band. With the Rippin’ e Brakes done for, Captain Chet on break and Dusty Grey outta town, there is a hole in the Concord country/folk/Americana department that The Grebes are going to fill and over flow.

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Dead Elect- Review

Dead Elect

A band from Maine. From Maine some noise. Envelope filled heart shapes. Painting brains with sound. Piano sparsely planted around. A dream of hope. Four words for them. Fantastically fanatical for fantasies.


The thick gauze of sweaty summer nights. The sounds of clumsy first loves. Creating interwoven songs harkening back to the days of the Beach Boys and the Zombies. This is Something//Something. This is a band worth your time.

Written by Evan Benoit of Badfellows

Carissa Johnson

A giant middle finger to the pop punk 3 chord redo of the 70’s NYC scene. Carissa Johnson is more punk than Iggy, more pop than Green day, more harmony than Blink 182, more guts than the Clash and longer songs than the Ramones. Each song dives into a spiral of twisting counterpoint and fanatical changes that leaves the listener wondering where they will be taken next. So long to the simple and hello to the complex. You will be musically challenged.

You can catch Carissa Johnson at Pit Road Lounge in Concord NH August 21st 2015.

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