Born from the ashes of The Halogens, The Luxury came about from pedigree influences of both modern and classic British rock. The grandiose emotive highs of “Rockets and Wrecking Balls” and the fast driving “Seven Stories” are evidence that the band’s got some songwriting prowess many contemporaries lack. If Roddy Woomble (Idlewild) wrote for Primal Scream under the tutelage of Noel Gallagher of Oasis, it might sound half as good as this. I dug it and frontman Jason Dunn can sing like a mofo.

KRIS ROCHE – Anything But Alone

Smart vocals and smoothly layered keyboards and acoustic guitars sparkle on this 6 song CD like stars on a clear night. I feel like I’m a fly on the wall of a French Riviera dance club. The songs are light and refreshing like Jack Johnson with an edge but also very danceable; it’s hard to not let this music get you moving. Though every song on here is cleverly arranged and produced, my favorite track is tied between the epically optimistic “Big Fish” and the lively “Nothing But Shame.”

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Music Review: John Kmetz
By:Christopher John FeterowskiCover (front)

The clouds rolled in and the deluge came. Soggy college kids, thirsty nine-to-fivers, and disappointed tourists splash and crash through the puddles to find shelter in one of the crowded bars that dot the Plymouth waterfront. I am sitting in my car smoking a cigarette before venturing out into the downpour.

Review: Tapedeck Live at the Mill Brook Gallerytapedeck

I find myself sitting in the middle of a big field, expensive sculptures surrounding the yard, 10 horses running by and Tapedeck on stage. This show is the last of the summer in a series of outdoor concerts at the Mill Brook Gallery in Concord NH put on by Go-Local. I am excited to see Tapedeck tonight as I hear Jeff Bibbo of Groovechild fame will be joining them on stage.

Artist: Lynda DeFuria

Album title: Alive

Cover (front)

This album titled Alive by Lynda DeFuria is a five song EP released on July 18 2010. One thing that I want to point out right way; it was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA. This guy is amazing and I love everything I have seen his name attached to. This album included. If you are looking for mastering; check the guy out.

Ok, the

The Rationales:review

The Rationales
The Going and The Gone

When I do reviews, I NEVER talk about the production quality, I never talk about the recording method, and I never talk about mixing. I feel it is unfair to judge local acts on recording gear and say, "hey this doesn't sound pro" Well of course not you fool; the band isn't pro. They most likely recorded their tracks in a bathroom, with a Fisher Price mic, and that mic was plugged into a 1980's cassette deck... one

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