Pleasure Gap

Their new album came out in July of this year called “Cream Wave”. It is a collection of splendiferous noise and rock that will have you dancing in your arm chair. They are playing with Badfellows at the The Shaskeen on Augst 20th, 2015. I think I will go because both of those bands are terrific lo-fi sound mixed with a blender of sass and love. This makes five sentences.
By Anonymous Manchester Musician

Them In The Hive

So these guys were all jitters and nervousness... Ate some food got nervous went and played some music.. I went to see these jerks, thunder happened rain happened and my 2 year old got tired. I can count on one hand the bands from concord that excite me, being the six I can no longer say this. Heard the shit a little from the porch and I still do not hate them. If you are tired of boring scalation permeating the jammy bullshit scene as I myself am then see these asshats... I left my house for this and I hate people.

-Written by Jon lang

Ghost Dinner Band

Ghost Dinner Band rocks. Every time I see them, they rock. I heard them cover the shit out of The Bump and was hyped because that song is tits. I am currently heavily medicated on pain meds while writing this but that doesn't change the facts. Ghost Dinner Band rocks.

-Written by Eric Ober of Them in The Hive
5 sentence reviews are written by local musicians about local musicians. If you are a musician, send us your 5 sentence review of your favorite local band to

Pat and the Hats

NH's answer to the Beatles. Pat - mondo talented. Brendan - hilarious son of a bitch. Scott, Brit, Bobby, rock and roll night-class. Do it, fool.

-Written by Will Kindler.

5 sentence reviews are written by local musicians about local musicians. If you are a musician, send us your 5 sentence review of your favorite local band to

Pocket Heat- Review

pocket Heat, Bay City, MichiganPocket Heat is an indie rock band from Bay City Michigan. This four piece just put out their three song EP ‘Transitions’ and you can check it out for free on bandcamp. Pocket Heat recorded this demo in December at Little Elephant in Toledo Ohio but they are already heading back into the studio. So, look for more material from these guys in the near future.

Brooks Young is a NEW dad, living in a NEW place and seems to be going in a NEW direction with his music. ALL THE THINGS ARE NEW. The Brooks Young Band is currently up in Gilford New Hampshire at Resort Recordings tracking a NEW single. Resort Recordings is a NEW recording studio and label founded by Franz Haase and Ryan Ordway in 2010. Since Brooks is such a nice guy he let us hear a rough cut of the NEW tune.

What an amazing show. I have seen the Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio before but last night was flying superman capes of greatness. I have become a fan of the Spotlight Café series at The Capital Center for the Arts and I hope to see more fantastic shows like this one in the future. I learned a few things while at this show and about the restaurant, O’s, that I went to beforehand. I learned ten things exactly. These ten things are important and I think you should know them too.

The Clearwings- review

the clearwings, denver co
“The outskirts” is an EP from the band “The Clearwing” from Denver Colorado. The duo has been performing together for a number of years at open mics around the Denver area. They are an alt- punk-folk- rock band. Sometimes bordering on old blues like the White Stripes and other times they sound like cute lovers harmonies.

Currents- review

the Currents, Boston'Currents' is a Boston based post hard math rock punk band. The sound bounces between hardcore jazz to moments of Fugazi and The Fall. ‘Modegreen’ is the latest album released by this trio in December 2014.

People Skills-Review

How is it that I have not reviewed the newest People Skills album ‘People are People Too’? I seriously thought I had already. I mean, why wouldn’t I? It is one of the best albums of 2014. I feel like a terrible person now for not reviewing this great album.

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