[love for pluto] is an original indie pop/rock band featuring electric/acoustic guitars, keys, vocals, bass, and drums. Diverse, they draw influences from all genres of music. Their sound roots itself from indie/alt rock, new wave, & pop. Their catchy melodies will be stuck in your head all night long.

The Perks - Review

The Perks are an Alternative Rock band from Las Vegas, NV composed of brothers Andy, Aaron, and Hunter Gorman, and friends Ryley Isakson and Jake Magness. In support of their 2014 EP, Criminal, they've been playing energetic sets for passionate crowds both in and out of Vegas. The band just released their second EP, At The Docks, and will be embarking on small tours throughout the West Coast in 2015.

Turtle Power- Review

A group of college kids from Boston. They play ska, punk, and jam. Their first EP was released this December. For me, the best ska bands come from Boston. Mighty Might Bostons, Allstonians, and even thought they are from NH Bim Skala Bim. So when i started listening to Turtle Power I had high expectations.

Colorvision- review

Colorvision, based out Riverside, California, formed in early 2013 with the creation of their self-titled EP. The band’s music is a mixture of intimate vocals, atmospheric guitars, and a tasteful blend of cinematic string arrangements with acoustic guitar work and sustained leads.

Those Manic Seas is a 'four' piece band that attempts to push the boundaries of what a rock band should be.

25 year old Andrew ‘The Aspiring Me’ Davis is the oldest son of late Houston hip hop legend, Big Mello. The success of his 2013 LP, The Aspiring Me, available, gained him favorable exposure in Houston and surrounding cities. He has since been touring across the country; reaching Montreal, Canada as well. His early 2014 relocation to Brooklyn, NY has also gained him a following in New York City’s underground scene. The Aspiring Me & Big Mello are the only rap legacy to be archived inside the tier 1, University Of Houston, library.

by Bullshit Bart

Old Timer no. 1 is the first in a series of four ‘Old Timer’ albums by the Rippin’ E Brakes. The album was recorded live by Jerry Richardson (Beechwood) in his Liberty Hill Farm living room. I spent a long time listening to these five-pop savvy, Country-Eastern Rock n’ Roll songs and they totally and completely became glued into my head. I love the lyrics and Stones style back up singing. I got down with the guitar shredding, the wicked bass lines and totally on-point drumming. Then I actually started hating on the E Brakes for only putting 5 songs on the album….but it was the good kind of hate I suppose. I want Old Timer no. 2 already!

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I became aware of the music created by Brooks Hubard after a friend told me to check out his music. I generally don’t trust this friend as she kinda likes pop country music. We all know that pop country music is not really music but prepackaged crap to be used as backing for “Dancing with The Stars.” I wasn’t even gonna give Brooks Hubbard a listen until she told me two things. “I am not wearing matching socks today”. I figured she was crazy- who doesn’t wear matching socks. It is like running with scissors or filling up on bread at an expensive restraint. The other thing she mentioned is that “I have seen Brooks like 10 times.” I was intrigued. Her professional stalking of this musician is not something you see often in local music. Because of her creepy dedication I relented and made my way over to his Facebook page to internet stalk the dude myself. After about an hour of perusing his Facebook photos and accidentally liking a couple and immediately unliking; I sent him an e-mail asking for some tunes to listen to(he won’t know I liked those pics right? Will he know? Shoot- he gets the notification anyways! Crap!)

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This past Saturday I was at Chen Yang Li in Bow NH for the Solo night. Steven Chagnon was the first performer to take the stage. I lied to him in a brief conversation before the show saying he did a great job at market days this year- In fact I kinda missed his set and don’t know how he did. Sorry Steve- I don’t normally lie. I did see your set, but I was stuck with my child across the street and down a bit. She was interested in looking a balloon. So I really only caught half of one part of a song. However, you did play that part really well. So- I was really excited to see Steven take the stage on Saturday.

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We here at like to try and review as many bands as we can. Sometimes that is hard since we cannot make every single show to give each band a fair review. We wanted to make it down to see a new band to town last night at Pencuches but We just couldn’t get out of the house (by this we mean, too drunk after mowing the lawn to drive) So we sent an IM on Facebook to Mark, the drummer of Ghost Dinner Band, to see what that band was all about. Below is an exact transcript of our conversation. Nothing was taken out and names were not changed.

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