Were you at Market Days this past weekend? I was. Were you there for the performance by the Rippin’ E Brakes in Bicentennial Square? I was. Were you blown away by the music? I was. Did Lucas Gallo and Eric Reingold make you cry because they pointed at you and snickered? Uummm no? uumm no- me either. OK- moving on. I have seen The Rippin’ E Brakes a number of times. I have always enjoyed their music but this show seriously blew my mind more than any of their past performances. I could not figure out what happened to this band. They were tight as hell and the music coming out of the speakers was spectacular.

We sent one of our field reporters to True Brew on Friday night to check out the band that was playing. We asked him how the show went and to report on the event. We should mention- he is one of the most talent-less bass players in town, for one of the biggest bands but his name has been withheld to protect the innocent (he has long curly hair... wears blue). Below is what he had to say about the show Jake Davis put forth for the crowd.

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This past Saturday night I once again found myself in the dark basement of Penuches in Concord NH for a show of amazing local music. Two different bands were playing that night, The Greenlights and Blacklight Ruckus. It is odd to have two bands both with different colored lights in their name but whatever. I showed up a little early and got a chance to talk to both bands before the show began. The conversations with Blacklight Ruckus were a little strange.

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Kris Kristofferson is not really dead… He is alive and well and is coming out of the voice and guitar of Tristan Omand. Wait… What? Kris is REALLY not dead? Oh- huh… Could have sworn he passed in a…. Helicopter incident or something? Whatever, moving on… Tristan still embodies the feelings and emotions of the late great Willie Nelson… You are kidding right? He is alive too? Damn it. Ok Merle Haggard- A man who lived a rough life and died the way he lived, the man is like a beacon of light for the young Tristan Omand to… ARE YOU SERIOUS!??!?! He is still alive tooooooooo? What the hell… "Junior" Brown ? alive? Joe Ely??? Alive… David Allan Coe, John Prine alive alive… Come on!!! I am just trying to show how Tristan’s album embraces the music of the past and twists it up, spits it out and… ok fine- he sounds like Tupac. No no he doesn't sound like Tupac. Waylon Jennings???? OK Finally… DEAD!!!! Damn… Waylon Jennings is dead- I am terribly saddened now. Deep and never ending sadness. Ok, lets press on.

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Pats and The Hats recently released their new album "Fake it 'Till You Make a Hit" recorded at Rocking Horse Studios. It is the sophomore album release for lead singer, front man and song writer Patrik Gochez and the debut album for the band Pat and The Hats as a full band.

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I headed down the Capitol Center of The Arts to check out Pat and The Hats last night. They were playing in the spotlight café. Tietur, an artist from across the pond, was headlining the night. I had not been to the Spotlight café or seen Tietur, so I was interested in seeing how it all worked.

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four legged faithful My mother always told me to not saying anything if you only had bad things to say. With this in mind, we tend not to point out the bad stuff in any review we do. Well, unless it is really terrible- If it is really bad- we let you know. It is in the total reverse spirit that we have decided to review the new album from the band ‘The Four Legged Faithful’. I spoke with the band’s bass player, Joseph Pierog, and he practically begged for a truthful and deep cutting review. He taunted me. He poked me. He made fun of my shoes. He made it impossible for me to write anything but a review that directed you, the reader, to each flaw in the band’s most recent album, “Devoured In The Dark”. So I am sorry Joey- You asked for it. We will only talk about everything on this album that is wrong, terrible or otherwise not worthy of being placed on an album.

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juke- jared steerBy accident I ended up at Penuche’s last night. I am not sure how I got there. I wasn't supposed to be there at all. Somehow, with some invites and beers and ‘the such’ … I found myself with a PBR in my hand at Penuche’s. The band ‘Juke’ was playing on the stage.

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mines of paris It is New Year’s Eve and I am at Penuche’s in Concord to see Boogie on Alice. I am not going to review them- we talk way too much about how we love that band so instead we are going to talk about their opening band- “Mines of Paris”. I am not going to talk about how Boogie on Alice made the packed room dance all night. Not going talk about that. Only going to focus on Mines Of Paris. I won’t even mention the ugly sweater that guitarist Matt Ghelli of Boogie was wearing; no need to talk about that piece of fashion puke.

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the hornitzIt is Saturday night and I am at True Brew in Concord NH to see the Hornitz- a Boston based band that has a strong following here in Concord. However, the place is empty. Completely empty? What the heck? I grab a beer and check the time- 7:54- Hmm- most shows start at 8 at this place don’t they? I check my events calendar on my phone- 9:00… ohh show starts at 9….I feel like an idiot. I mean, I feel like an idiot a lot, but right now, more than normal. I leave and make my way to a friend’s place to waste a bit of time and have a beer. When I arrive back at True Brew at the correct time, the band is getting ready to start their first song. I grab a beer, a seat and get ready to shake my booty on the chair.

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