pat and the hatsI like Pat and the Hats. Pat and The Hats I like. I like them cause they rock. I like them cause their singer doesn't squawk. They put on a great show. I’d even drive to see them live in dangerous snow. Their music makes people dance here and there. Their music creates happiness everywhere. Their show last night at Penuche’s was really great. I want their name on my license plate. If you have not seen them you are missing out. There is no need to cry and pout. Just catch them next time and you’ll be fine. Just listen to the above stupid review in rhyme.

I have been sitting on this review for months. I just knew I had to make this review as excellent as this CD and I am sorry to say, I have failed. There is no way that I could ever express the amazingness of what is held in zeros and ones on this CD with my simple words filled with single syllables and grammatical errors and questionable use of punctuation and the use of ‘and’ and run-on-sentences. There is just no way. I have accepted the fact that I have failed. I hope you forgive me. I do hope you thank me though for turning you on to Will Kindler.

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This past Saturday in Bow a few bands shared the stage at the community center to raise money for the Bow High School Music Education Programs. One of the bands to take to the stage was Them In The Hive. I’ve been promising the guys in the band a review for a long time. I keep not knowing what to say. My words need to convey correctly the magic on the stage. I think I have finally figured it out. This band is the definition of indie rock in Concord NH.

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Boogie on Alice... What can I say about this Jamtastic band of babes? Well, for starters – the boys of Boogie certainly have a way of getting listeners on their feet & swaying their hips to their funky jams, memorable vocals, and crazy guitar solos. Boogie headlined at Penuches in Concord, NH this past Saturday, December 7th.

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Last night True Brew in Concord was packed. You were shoved shoulder to shoulder and you couldn’t move around without bumping people. Why was it so packed? I like to think it was because people found out that I was going to be in the crowd; but I doubt it. I am pretty sure the people were there to see the Dusty Gray Band.

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I was all excited. This past Saturday night was Duel Night at True Brew in Concord NH… How unique. Would it be a gun Duel, knife Duel, or maybe even whips???? How many paces would be taken before turning and firing? I didn’t know- but I was excited. I was prepared for formal combat between two people. I jumped in my car and checked my phone calendar to make sure I had the right time- I did have the right time. “Duo night starts in 15 minutes”.. Wait… what the heck. Duo night? Damn. Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon are splitting the night with Chris and Kate Peters(husband and wife team). Not a Duel but Duo… Since I won’t be seeing a Duel- maybe I can at least hope for a domestic fight on stage.

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It’s Friday night and I am at the Barley House in Concord to see ‘Back On the Train”. The band is one that I have not seen before but I am there on a recommendation from the band Boogie on Alice. I am told they are a jam band. I don’t really like jam bands. I mean, jam bands can be good but a lot of time the word jam band just means “we didn’t practice our songs so….. We are just gonna play and there will be some really sucky parts where we don’t really know what we are doing”. However, I would not say that “Back on the Train” are a Jam band but a rock-reggae-Jelly- not-jam band- They toe the jam line but stay away.

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The Shardz- Review

The Shardz were at Penuches this past Saturday night- yeah they were the shit! Yes, I said it- They are the shit. It is at this point in the review that I’d like to talk to JUST the members of the band. Everyone else stop reading. (not that anyone else reads these articles besides the band) Ummm. Ok… People of The Shardz. First- I love your band. Love it. but..Please.. guys… I beg you…change.. the.. name. Every conversation I start with someone about your band inevitably turns to discussing that the band name sounds like something you do in your pants by mistake. Your music however, it is nothing like that. I hate saying the word Shardz. I love that you have an analog man king of tone guitar effect- I love that you have a Vox AC 30 amp, I love that you have a fucking laser. I hate your band name with the hatred of a thousand hate-filled-type-people.. I hate your name. I am not the only one. Everyone hates it. I hate to be a hater, but I thought you should know---Sorry for being blunt- I will give you a hug and a beer next time I see your band to make up for it. Ok- back to the music.

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On Friday night I went to the Grange in Penacook and saw The Cole Robbie Band w/ Matt Poirier. Not sure what could be more awesome- good music, low cover charge and BYOB. Instead of paying 4 bucks for each PBR, I could just sit there and drink my 30 pack… all to myself. I am kidding- KIDDING- I didn’t sit there and just drink- I DANCED. The Cole Robbie Band are a reggae, funk and Grateful dead type band. I enjoyed their style of playing and it made for great tunes to shake my money maker (my money maker is extremely awesome and alone worth the price of admission).

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Tyler Mudrick-Review

Tyler Mudrick is a solo musician based out of New Boston and is currently playing gigs around the area. In March he released his solo debut album "The Monster Under My Bed" which is available on ITunes and Amazon as well as some local coffee shops and retail outlets. Tyler sent me his CD to listen to and I am truly not sure what to think. I loved it, but I was pissed off too… I wanted to punch and hug Tyler all at the same time. Was the music good; yeah. What pissed me off? The MONSTERS!!!!

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