WARNING- this review sucks- it is not funny, not informative and pretty much just wastes your time. The middle part goes on for a bit too long. Please read at your own risk.

Friday night I went to Barley House in Concord NH to see Rippin’ E Brakes and Ordinary Soldiers. These two bands are really good and since they were sharing a bill, there was no way I was going to miss this show. I mean, you would have to tie me up and beat me with a long stick to make me miss this show. You would have to duct tape me to your couch, toss watermelons at my skull and paint my face orange to miss this show. There is NOOOOO possible universe where I am I gonna miss this. Even if you rented anime, bought me a pizza and super glued a billion dollar bills to a goat- I am NOT MISSING THIS FREAKING SHOW!!!!!

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A few weeks ago we reviewed the band Holmes. The only complaint that we had about the band was their volume. The band was great but just too loud. In that review we promised that we would check them out next time they came to town. Well, Friday night they played at True Brew in Concord and I was there. The band took my advice and they were the perfect volume. Way to go guys- great show.
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You should be happy to know that Seth Wonkka did NOT kick my ass at this weekend’s Rocking Horse Music Festival. If you don’t know the history; go back and read a few articles from the past week. This Saturday Seth was playing with his band in Bicentennial Square- along with about 10 other bands that day. I was excited to see him play, and also hoping to leave with all my teeth. I was introduced to Seth prior to his set and I was extremely disappointed. He was a nice guy. What the hell. I was hoping for him to call me names, toss a drink in my face and spit in my eye- nope- none of it. I mean, I didn’t WANT those things to happen but it makes a much more exciting story to read. Instead I am left with having to tell you how awesome his music was that day.

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Buddha’s Band took to the stage at True Brew in Concord this past Saturday night- Actually- they didn’t take to the stage, they took to the corner of floor space next to the front door-not on a stage- but I digress. Buddha’s Band consists of some of the best musicians in the local music scene. Chris Noyes on bass, Matt Jensen on guitar and Ricky Rocket on drums…. I mean George Lalliotis. The band was hot and on fire all night, so I tossed a beer on Chris to put out the flames- it was not appreciated.

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Holmes- Live Review

Last night Penuche’s was host to the band Holmes. A band from Boston, this band makes it way to Concord every few months. The band performs a mix of soul and funk. Sounding like a mix of Stevie Wonder and Al Green, Holmes also delivers a nice touch of old style R&B.

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So what did you do last night? Huh? You stayed home and watched Football on TV? gross- I went out and gave people high fives and butt taps while watching Pat and The Hats play a killer set at Penuche’s. I’ve said it before and you’ll hear me say it again: These guys are amazing. Not only did The Hats have their normal three piece last night, they also had an increadable woman as an additional backup singer who is freaking awesome. These guys are amazing. It seemed each conversation I had that night revolved around talking about Pat and The Hats-

Below are four exact transcripts of four conversations I had last night-
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Beechwood- Live review

How is it that I have not reviewed this band yet? I have seen them more than I have seen a lot of the local acts around town. Always present at Go Local Camp N Jam and always around the local music scene. Since I have not reviewed them, you might think I don’t care for the music…. Nothing could be further from fact.I saw them this past weekend at the 17th Annual Homebrewers Festival.

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Jim Tyrrell, - Jim is a guy I have heard a lot about, from lots of places and lots of people. I have even seen him a play live a time or two. I’ve also heard him on 100.1 FM a lot. I even have watched him sleep (shhh- don’t tell him… I broke into his house and videoed him snoring for a few hours). This past weekend he was up in Tamworth playing at the 17th Annual New England Homebrewers Jamboree! It was a weekend full of drinking, music, dancing, and a guy who loved to make announcements in the middle of musician’s sets. There was a lot of music all weekend- Jim Tyrrell was one of those acts.

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-One Maid Tune is a local NH band from Manchester/Concord. I was sent a copy of their most recent album- “Wells To Water” in our Yourband e-mail inbox. I found their title kinda interesting in a minimalistic fashion, so I hit play right away. I was hoping to get some sorta “Neutral Milk Hotel” or “Replacements” type of sound coming out of the speakers. I don’t know why but the name of the band just conjured up images of those bands. I was excited- I was anxious- I couldn't wait for the needle to hit the vinyl( or well, mouse curser thingy hit the play button on my computer screen and turn grey)… When media player popped up and the music start- I shat.

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Last night one of the best local bands took to the stage at Penuche’s in Concord NH. The Van Burens are one of my favorite local bands even though they are from Boston Mass. The band presents original intelligent lyrics set to solid ass shaking grooves peppered with fun covers. I was excited to see these guys jump around the stage and entertain me so I took my spot over near the front and sipped my Narragansett-(ok, I kinda pounded the beer and did not sip)

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