The Perks - Review

The Perks are an Alternative Rock band from Las Vegas, NV composed of brothers Andy, Aaron, and Hunter Gorman, and friends Ryley Isakson and Jake Magness. In support of their 2014 EP, Criminal, they've been playing energetic sets for passionate crowds both in and out of Vegas. The band just released their second EP, At The Docks, and will be embarking on small tours throughout the West Coast in 2015.

POWER- It hits you like a brick. The kick oh the kick, the kick kicks my ass as the luscious vocals break down from cream to manic food for my ears. Distance and closeness arranged into one sonic attack. Loud to soft, a true escape from the loudness wars.

Take off your clothing, shut the shutters, pull the lights, turn up The Perks, relax... Let the music make you.

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