The Shardz- Review

The Shardz- Review

The Shardz were at Penuches this past Saturday night- yeah they were the shit! Yes, I said it- They are the shit. It is at this point in the review that I’d like to talk to JUST the members of the band. Everyone else stop reading. (not that anyone else reads these articles besides the band) Ummm. Ok… People of The Shardz. First- I love your band. Love it. but.. Please.. guys… I beg you…change.. the.. name. Every conversation I start with someone about your band inevitably turns to discussing that the band name sounds like something you do in your pants by mistake. Your music however, it is nothing like that. I hate saying the word Shardz. I love that you have an analog man king of tone guitar effect- I love that you have a Vox AC 30 amp, I love that you have a fucking laser. I hate your band name with the hatred of a thousand hate-filled-type-people.. I hate your name. I am not the only one. Everyone hates it. I hate to be a hater, but I thought you should know---Sorry for being blunt- I will give you a hug and a beer next time I see your band to make up for it. Ok- back to the music.

I have seen the Shardz a few times( and this is hopefully the last time under this band name). To be honest, I did not want to like them. I don’t really care for “jam” bands. BUT- they really blew me away this past Saturday night. They are NOT a jam band. Yeah sure you can dance to it and they have some guitar solos- and maybe the songs are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long but the music actually goes some place. Their music has a point and destination and they put forth breadcrumbs of notes to lead you down their trail of music. The band has two amazing guitarists that battle each other for dominance at some points and yield to each other during different parts. The bass holds it all together while the keys add layers to the sound.

I hope to see this band again in the future. I do hope however that they change the name.. Might I make a few suggestions- the Shurd- or The Sherdz- or The Bardz- or even The wet poops… All would be much better choices.

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