Them In The Hive- Live Review

Them In The Hive- Live Review

This past Saturday in Bow a few bands shared the stage at the community center to raise money for the Bow High School Music Education Programs. One of the bands to take to the stage was Them In The Hive. I’ve been promising the guys in the band a review for a long time. I keep not knowing what to say. My words need to convey correctly the magic on the stage. I think I have finally figured it out. This band is the definition of indie rock in Concord NH.

Ever since the term 'indie' went from describing circumstances to simply the name of a sub genre I have been hard pressed to find bands that play in the tradition of the term's forefathers. 'Them in the Hive' is an exception, true to both their charmingly noisy roots and their guitar solo hungry hometown, they capture my attention... and I'm not alone in this. I can see them joining forces with bands like 'Infinity Girl' out of Boston in the near future, and I hope I do.

Take every human emotion you can find in the Webster's "New And Revised" Dictionary of 1847, and act it out. This was the powerful performance bestowed upon the crowd gathered at Ye Old Community Center at Bow, a legendary venue that only hosts concerts every 42 years. The wind was whipping outside the doors, but it was no comparison to the strength of passion pouring from the band's hearts. A set full of alternating peaks & ambiance, the four-piece simply conceded control of their earthly vessels & allowed their story to utilize them as marionettes, painting a beautiful, angry, yet brilliant portrait of all we know.

If you love Wilco, Dr. Dog and things like that; check out Them In The Hive. If you like pooping your pants; Check out GG Allin. If you like the cash register at grocery stores; check out.

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