Toad Hall- Boogie on Alice and Cole Robbie Band

Cole Robbie Band is doing a show with Boogie On Alice at Toad Hall in Franklin. It's a cool place and could be a cool venue in the future if we support it now. The Boogie and Cole Robbie show is October 10th 2015. Toad Hall is 4 stories of art n sculpture and the bottom floor is a live music venue. Great sound system ran well and they are doing a lot on a limited budget. With Cole Robbie pulling a good crew from the north and Boogie On Alice bringing up from the Concord area, there is going to be a great big ol party on our hands October 10th.

Toad Hall is really cool. The sound is great. It is not the easiest thing to get people to drive 15 minutes to Franklin WHY?!??! The place is really cool. It's almost a ahh.. umm kinda throwback retro kick ass coolio hip secret. Amazing art. You have to be willing to explore every story of the place. (Which is what they want) Ask the owner for a tour. Badass retro furniture everywhere. Comfortable couches, chairs, seating everywhere. Every wall is covered with some pretty impressive local and not so local artistry. It's an eclectic joint. Alas, it is in Franklin.

They are grassroots trying to change Franklins out of the way reputation. It's the town everyone drives through but doesn't stop. They're trying to give them a reason to stop and I think it could be a pretty good one. We'll see. Worst case scenario we turn some folks in to something new. Beats the shit outta the dive shit place that will remain nameless. I'll tell ya that much. Though people are always at the dive bar piece of shit place that will remain nameless. If this place were in Concord, it would be king.

It's a BYOB joint but by the same token, you can have a pizza delivered there. So it's quintessentially what I've always thought about NH in general. If you want a scene, you have to create it yourself. If enough of us get on board that is totally possible. It's like what we've done in the lakes region with Wolfsburg Farm or Jerry Jam or Go Local Camp N Jam. Life is what we make it and so is "the scene". We can make something cool outta Toad Hall if we pitch in and show up.

Friendly people, inspiring art and a great sound guy. The seating is something special. I can't even describe to you the comfiness of those chairs and couches! Do your part- Show up.

Go to the Facebook event and say YES!

Coming up at Toad Hall

Aug 29th: Walker Smith with BeefStu
October 10th: Boogie on Alice and Cole Robbie Band

Toad Hall

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