Top 4 Guitar Effect Pedals of All Time

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

The name alone brings thoughts of... ummm… fuzz. This is one of the best fuzz effects ever created. A little crazy, a little subtle, and a lot of muff. Hendrix and Santana made these boxes famous. I would not suggest yelling about a Big Muff in a crowded room.


Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

A Tube Screamer is part boost, part distortion and all overdrive. Loved by most and hated by few, the Tube Screamer has become standard for most guitarists. Players like SRV have boosted the glamour of owning this pedal. A nice mid boost also will help your sound cut though the mix.


Dunlop Crybaby Pedal

You need a wah pedal. I don’t care if you say you don’t. if you play guitar- you need one. The Crybaby not only does the chicka chicka sound made famous is 1970's porn. It allows greater tonal expression then what your guitar tone knob can provide. Sure there are other variations available; different boost patterns etc- but the Crybaby is the one you should buy unless you have a serious preference on your wah.


Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal

The Rat is a super charged distortion pedal. Some might prefer the Boss DS-1 but for a few extra bucks the RATis more extreme. The three knobs are almost the same but the RAT has more varied distortion chip on the insides. Made famous in the 80’s this is still a pedal that is sort of a secret to some and common place to others.

What did we miss? Comment your favorite effects below!

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