Tristan Omand- Tour Journal Day 4 - Gettin’ Used to That Lonesome Feelin’

Tristan Omand- Tour Journal Day 4

Day 4 - Gettin’ Used to That Lonesome Feelin’

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Well, as you probably know because you have found yourself here, or on my blog; I’m on tour for several weeks by myself in a rather small Ford Ranger with no cap, crammed with a bunch of necessary things. The most important being my guitar.

I guess the hardest thing, being out here on tour, is just the fact of being alone most all the time. Sometimes, when I’m walking down a street of a new town, just to check things out, I feel like such a stranger that it seems that even the locals can spot me a mile away. Even the way I walk feels different, almost foreign. It’s quite strange, really. But I suppose it’s not that surprising. Being alone can be a state of mind too, it seems. I’ve gotten so used to being alone, that in instances where I would normally speak out loud, the words are spoken in my mind, and my facial expression just changes a bit. But I digress…

The show yesterday was in a “college town” of sorts in North Carolina. It’s called Carrboro, and is quite close to Chapel Hill. I got there with hours to kill, and proceeded to get drenched every 15 minutes or so by a passing tropical storm. I checked out the local music shop, and banged on a few guitars for a while. I made the possible mistake of going to Wendy’s to get out of the rain, and ended up eating a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. Tasty, but I think that stuff alters your mood. I felt slow, and sort of depressed after. And to think, my personal rules for the road were: always watch your back, and never eat fast food. Oh well, lesson learned.

The show was at a cafe called The Open Eye Cafe. I used their ample wifi, and complimentary iced coffee and tea for a couple hours before it was time to set up and get goin’.

I had to bring my own PA, which I set up thoroughly, and in the best place I could find. Of course, it’s a rather large cafe, and most of the folks there were there to study or read. So the first several songs of the set were kind of awkward. I didn’t even talk between them because I was trying to find my comfort zone. Am I too loud? Am I not loud enough? Bare in mind that I had to play from 8-11 pm with breaks in between. Something I’ve become quite used to doing, being a solo artist. But I got to play a bunch of tunes, in a great sounding room, in North Carolina, while pretty hipster and college girls read Proust or some shit like that. Not bad at all!!

After the first half of the set, I was feeling looser, and a bit more social and started telling my story of being from New Hampshire (Cow Hampshire…), and a few driving stories, trying to liven up the crowd a bit. I received some very sweet compliments from a few folks, and my being from New Hampshire was questioned several times since I apparently sing with a southern drawl a bit. I suppose that is from singing along to a tee, to Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash for so many years? That’s about all I can figure. Maybe in a past life I was…er, nevermind.

Then, the end of the night came just as quickly as the beginning of day did, and I was packing up. Said goodbye to the pretty baristas behind the counter, and loaded up the ol’ Ranger and started looking for a hotel in the area, since there was no offering of floor or couch from kind strangers. I found a Ramada Inn over in Burlington, NC and snagged a room, set the GPS, and drove 35 minutes over there. Checked in, gave the woman at the desk a CD, and retired to my room to relax with some rum on ice, and a movie on Netflix. I have to say, the room was super clean, the bed was comfortable, and I woke up feeling quite awesome. Next up, Johnson City Tennessee!
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