Turtle Power- Review

A group of college kids from Boston. They play ska, punk, and jam. Their first EP was released this December. For me, the best ska bands come from Boston. Mighty Might Bostons, Allstonians, and even thought they are from NH Bim Skala Bim. So when i started listening to Turtle Power I had high expectations.

This is what ska is suppose to be. Turtle Power do it right. Part punk part reggae part fuck you and your shit. Although the quality of the records are a little lo fi- it does not get in the way of the excellent songs. The vocals are the almost punk and almost 1960's loverboy. It is perfect.

Turtle Power also toss in some humor. Your Girlfriend Sucks is a stand out track and had me going back for more and more.

more info here: www.facebook.com/turtlepowerskaboston

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