Two Fifths of Chet- Live Review of the Revue

Two Fifths of Chet- Live Review of the Revue

Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil Revue has been a force in the concord music scene for the past few years. Last night two of the members; the drummer and guitar player, took to the stage as "Two-fifths Chet" to see if a duo would be just as powerful. We contacted a person who was at the show and this is what they had to say:

Two-fifths is widely regarded as the least sexy fraction, but Saturday night in the middle of Henniker, no, Weare, 2/5's made an exceptional leap up the scale to at least 4th least sexy fraction. These surviving members of Captain Chet Lawson's Snake Oil I Forget The Last Word approached the stage with caution, and climaxed with confidence. As it occurs, 2-person rock groups are typically not successful ventures. While enjoying some success in their prime, the names Tenacious D or Hall & Oates will not live on through further generations. Rob Kleiner & Mike Crane broke the mold last night. Their perfect blend of rhythmic structure & adventurous innocence filled the massive holes left behind by the lack of bass & the traditionally desperate need for ukulele. This could prove the end of contemporary Chet, should Crane & Kleiner realize they don't the rest of the band any more than Harry needed the Hendersons.

More on Chet here:

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