Tyler Road: Review

Tyler Road

Do you like strummed guitar with some violin nicely paired with musty vocals backed by various other standard bluegrass instruments? No? Well… umm. This is awkward. ‘Cause you see, I was just about to tell you about this band called Tyler Road. I guess if you don’t like that kind of music I won’t bother telling you about them. I mean, I don’t think I could change your mind by explaining to you that each member in the band is pretty darn talented and are the best bluegrass band in New Hampshire, right on top with Diamond Joe and The Crunchy Western Boys. They are on the slower side of bluegrass but you still tap your foot.

I had the pleasure of hearing Tyler Road’s album “Horse Hair.” The music focuses half on the song and half on the jam. It is a nice blend of jamgrass, bluegrass, folkgrass and cutgrass. Ok, you caught me. That last term I just made up but I think it will catch on. Cutgrass. Damn… I am pretty impressive, just like Tyler Road.; The best Cutgrass band in town. Go catch them live this Saturday at True Brew in Concord NH.

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Tyler Road is:
Steve Cybulski - Banjo
Scott Hayes - Guitar, Dobro
Theresa Hemmer - Viola, Violin
Andrew Raeside - Washboard, Keyboard
Andrew Hines - Cajon
Dave Carroll - Mandolin, Guitar
Marc Fraley - Bass

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