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Sometimes we receive letters on our reviews from fans or haters. Sometimes we respond- sometimes we don't- sometimes we post our responses. Guess what we did this time.....

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Dear Your Band:

Thanks for reviewing the Van Buren's and giving them the positive coverage they have earned and deserve. I was entertained by this review, as well, with the very upbeat colloquial tone, which was fun to read. Please clarify one thing for me, though, which didn't sit well with the rest of the piece. What, exactly, is meant by the following sentence: "To say The Van Burens are a bunch of girly men who should be euthanized in their sleep would be a total lie….. It would be pretty mean to say that too. No one should ever say that- because this band is awesome." Does the writer intend to say that it would be mean to euthanize girly men in their sleep, or that it is only mean to call the Van Buren's girly men, simply because they are not (therefore implying that it is still OK to euthanize girly men in their sleep, if they actually are girly men)? You can see that there are various ways one could interpret this statement, and I realize the writer was only trying to speak in fun, hip, vernacular, and probably doesn't mean to imply any bullying terminology here, but I point this out just to say you should be very careful how you word things. There is no place for anything that could be misinterpreted as "hate speech" in a review of a rock band. It should just be about the music and the band's ability to entertain. By the way, some of the most kick-ass rock musicians were/are girly men: Boy George, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, David Bowie. For those musicians, being a girly man might be considered part of their appeal and success.


Thank you John for your letter-
As you know, we take everything seriously here at There is no room for humor or parody in the serious world of music. So, we would like to apologize for our review of The Van Buren’s. We did NOT mean to imply the Van Buren’s were girly men. To compare the members of the Van Buren’s to men, or girls or humans in general is insulting to the homo-sapiens of this planet. Sorry it was not made clear but the Van Buren’s are from a planet just a few miles outside Galaxy 234U in the Andrecia system. (FYI-All the humanoids of that planet are good musicians.)

Now onto part two of your question- SO does that mean we are saying girly men should be euthanized? We are all for any walk of life to live as they choose; If you want to be a girl or a man or a mangirl or girlman or whatever- We don’t care. It is your choice to do with your bits and pieces as you please as long as it is with someone over 18. We are also not saying girly men are any less or anymore deserving of being euthanized then any other segment of the population (namely republicans).

Thirdly-NO- we are not saying artists like Freddie Mercury should be killed(although he is already dead and maybe a bad example)- we are also not saying he is a girly man- because admittedly- Freddy Mercury could kick all our asses. What we were saying is that The Van Buren’s SHOULD be euthanized- just not in their sleep.

I hope this clears up any confusion you might have had with the wording of our review- Please keep reading and don’t forget- The Van Buren’s rock.

The Ed, CEO and Pres


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