Will Kindler- Album Review

Will Kindler- Album Review

I have been sitting on this review for months. I just knew I had to make this review as excellent as this CD and I am sorry to say, I have failed. There is no way that I could ever express the amazingness of what is held in zeros and ones on this CD with my simple words filled with single syllables and grammatical errors and questionable use of punctuation and the use of ‘and’ and run-on-sentences. There is just no way. I have accepted the fact that I have failed. I hope you forgive me. I do hope you thank me though for turning you on to Will Kindler.

I received Will’s newest and 2nd CD “Marrow” from him personally. I tried to play it cool and not shriek like a little school girl as he handed it over, but I don’t think I succeed. The excitement inside my body spilled out a little and I might have gotten some on Will’s shirt… (sorry Will). Let me tell you; I LOVED his first CD. Loved it. Like, you may have loved something in your life in the past, like loved your parents, or a grandfather or chocolate- but this love pales in comparison to the love that I have for the music that this genius known as Will Kindler manufactures almost effortlessly.

What is this CD? How is it possible for a man in his 20’s to produce such a marvelous album? The lyrics express the experience, loss, joy and sorrow of a person in the twilight of their life. Deep meaningful expressive words are tossed out like penny candy from Will’s mouth while the music brings you to a place of pure emotion.

I am not the only one who believes this album to be the best works of art ever produced in this town. Ask anyone who has heard this album- they will tell you directly that this album is truly a masterpiece. Just whatever you do, don't ask Will about it- He'll shake it off as nothing. This humble genius, like most brilliant people, is completely unaware of his own brilliance. This is part of his charm. Do you have no clue what I am talking about? Then you have not heard the album- pick it up- now.

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